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Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu

Choy Lee Fut is an authentic, well-established Chinese Martial Arts system, widely practised all over the world, with its origins in the legendary Shaolin temples of Ancient China. It's founder, Chan Heung, intensively studied in his youth the Fut, Lee, and Choy, family styles of Kung Fu, and combined the skills and practical techniques of the three systems to create a balanced hard and soft style of Kung Fu. Strong, low stances, a distinct dexterity in footwork, as well as a wide range of kicking and hand techniques which all point to the influence of both Northern and Southern Shaolin Kung Fu.
As well as the circular long arm strikes, As well as its animal hand techniques such as tiger claw (fu jow), leopard fist (used in the famed chap choi strikes).
Choy Lee Fut is also renowned for it's use of the waist-hip rotation action for much of its power combined with, loose, supple shoulders which releases the fists at the ends of the flexible arms.... much like the action of the ancient Chinese weapon called the rope dart.
After his death in 1875, Chan Heung's achievements were promoted by his many students the most notable being two sons Chan on Pak, Chan Koon Pak and their many students, who were responsible for spreading the system to the rest of the world.

The Durham Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Club
Classes held on 
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7.00pm - 8.30pm

at St. Oswalds Church & Institute
Church Street
3O Membership & 4 Lesson

For further information call: 07752328472

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