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Choy Lee Fut History

The founder of Choy Lee Fut kung fu Chan Heung began his martial arts training at the age of seven with his uncle/village elder Chan Yuen Wu. He was quick to learn and made remarkable progress, gaining a good reputation and also many students. One day Chan Heung discovered that a highly skilled instructor by the name of Lee Yau Shan had been invited in to the neighbourhood. Chan Heung, a lover of a good fight decided to his skills by ambushing him while he was leaving a restaurant. Despite Chan Heung's best efforts, he could not make Lee budge. Lee took the attack calmly before using his legs to throw Chan Heung yards away.
Lee questioned the young man for attacking him in such a sneaky fashion rather than challenging him properly to a fight. Chan Heung felt ashamed, and replied that the attack was his own idea in an attempt to test the inadequacy of his own skill, and that he did not want to implicate his teacher for his own defeat.
Chan Heung soon realised his mistake and promptly enrolled in Lee's school. He followed Lee for five years taking his skills to a new height. One day they decided to visit a recluse monk by the name of Choy Fook who they believed to be a skilful martial artist.
While the two men waited at the temple for Choy Fook, an old man proceeded to chop wood with his hands. Lee commented to Chan Heung that if this old man was showing off for their benefit then they must reply with some of their own tricks. Lee got up, walked to a nearby rice grinder and kicked it clean off the ground. The old man watched with amusement before chopping off a corner of the stone rice grinder, pulverising it in his bare hands and throwing the powder in front of Lee, announcing that he was indeed Choy Fook. Lee now very apologetic and respectful of Choy Fook left immediately.
Chan Heung realising his opportunity to further his training immediately fell to his knees and begged Choy Fook to take him as a disciple. Seeing that his request was a genuine one Choy Fook told Chan Heung that he must obey the following three instructions or leave immediately:

1) he must stay with him in the monastery for at least ten years;
2) he was forbidden to use his skills to kill or to maim, and must not be boastful of what he attained;
3) he must kick the rice grinder back into it's original position.

For the next ten years, Choy Fook taught Chan Heung kung fu with great discipline and precision. And with a combination of hard work, dedication, natural ability and the karma of a good teacher Chan Heung was able to complete his training within this time.
After the completion of his training with Choy Fook, Chan Heung returned to his village to begin putting together a martial art which became Choy Lee Fut. The name comes partly from "Choy" Fook, "Lee" Yau San and "Fut" meaning Buddha, it was named this way to pay respects to his teachers and to Buddha.

The Durham Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Club
Classes held on 
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7.00pm - 8.30pm

at St. Oswalds Church & Institute
Church Street
3O Membership & 4 Lesson

For further information call: 07752328472

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