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Welcome to the website of The Durham Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Club

The primary and most important mission of the Durham Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Club is to promote the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts as an honest and efficient approach towards a persons, self-protection and self-defence. It is also our hope that through the promotion and spreading of traditional Chinese martial arts, the beauty of Chinese culture as a whole, will be better understood and appreciated by the general world public.
At the Durham Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Club, we give professional instruction in the Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu system under the guidance of Sifu Stephen Brown.

At the Durham Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Club, you will learn:

At our school, self defence plays a major role in our curriculum is an extremely important part of the training regime. The Choy Lee Fut kung fu system is renowned for it's efficient and devastating self-defence techniques.
Choy Lee Fut is a complete system that will teach you the necessary techniques for practical and effective striking, blocking, and grappling for a self-defence situation. Techniques include punches, kicks, blocks, joint-locks and leg-sweeps.

Empty Hand Forms
Forms are pre-set sequences of techniques that have been handed down, over generations from master to student. Choy Lee Fut hand forms are fast, flexible, powerful yet fluid, Our forms are designed to help you improve stamina, endurance and co-ordination. Hand forms are literally a living encyclopaedia, containing the advanced concepts and principles unique to the Choy Lee Fut system.

An Extensive Range of Traditional Chinese Weapons
Weapons training not only gives you co-ordination, stamina and body strength it also a good cardiovascular workout for the whole body. Some of the weapons taught are the: Dan dao (sabre), Staff (pang), Southern pole (gwun) Tiger fork (dai pa), Farmers hoe (chor dao), Spear (Cheung) and the Gwan dao (General Gwan's blade).

San Shao Sparring (Full-contact)
San Shao (Also known as San Da or Chinese Full-Contact Fighting), is very extreme sport that requires an immense amount stamina, and high level of fitness and conditioning. The rules of San Sao allow Full-contact punches, kicks and throws. Low leg-kicks and leg-sweeps are also allowed. Although San Sao sparring is not compulsory at are school, it is an excellent way to improve your speed, power, timing and reflexes,

Lion dance
The Club has a strong tradition for Lion dancing, with the team of Lion dancers and musicians being busy all year round, either opening restaurants or performing at festivals. The Lion dance is usually performed by the senior and most skilled members of the kung fu club, because of the requirement for balance, co-ordination and strong stances.

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The Durham Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Club is a member of the Britsh Council for the Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) ......

The Durham Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Club
Classes held on 
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7.00pm - 8.30pm

at St. Oswalds Church & Institute
Church Street
3O Membership & 4 Lesson

For further information call: 07752328472