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Lineage of the
Durham Choy Lee Fut
Kung Fu Club

The founder of Choy Lee Fut kung fu Chan Heung Goon, was a native of Kin Mui village in the county Sun Wui, Canton Province, Chan Heung founded kung fu system in the mid 19th century, i.e. during the era of the Qing (Ching) Dynasty.
Chan Heung's began his training at the age of seven with his uncle/village elder Chan Yuen Wu Uncle Chan Yuen Wu was a former Shaolin monk and a practitioner of Fut Gar kung fu. His second teacher Lee Yau San a practitioner of Lee Gar Kuen (Lee Family Fist) who was also a former Shaolin monk.
The third teacher of Chan Heung, Choy Fook was once again a monk from the Shaolin Temple. Choy Fook was one of the few surviving monks who had managed to escape from the destruction of the Fukien Shaolin Temple.



After Chan Heung passed away in 1875, his two sons Chan Koon Pak and Chan On Pak.
Chan On Pak inherited their father's martial arts teaching and brought up a lot of outstanding disciples, such as Fong Yu Shu. Chan Yiu Sai, Chan Tai Shun, Leung Kuei, and Wong Fook Among them, Master Fong Yuk Shu who was to become the third generation inheritor of our branch of Choy Lee Fut.



Third Generation Fong Yuk Shu, was a native of Kaiping County in Guangdong (Canton) Province. He came from a wealthy background, which made it easy for him to study the Martial Arts. He first learned kung fu in Kaiping and later he went to King Mui to study Choy Lee Fut with Chan Heung's youngest son Chan Koon Pak. After leaving Chan Koon Pak's school, he then started his own school in Sanshen Commune, Henan District, Guanzhou. Among his accomplishments are;
Coach to the Jiangmen organisations in Guangzhou, training director of the Chinese Broadsword Team and a follower of Dr Sun Yet Sen.



After receiving permission from master Fong Yuk Shu, fourth Generation master Chan Hong Hung first set up a martial school in the City of Canton and later after an altercation moved his school to Hong Kong to carry on teaching the martial arts of Choy Lee Fut kung fu.





Fifth Generation master Jew Yew Jong set up a martial school in the City of Kowloon in Hong Kong






Sixth generation Choy Lee Fut master Sifu Edmund Ng (Ng Hao Tak) was born in Hong Kong in 1952, and began his training in Choy Lee Fut kung fu at the age of eight years old under the guidance of Master Jew Yew Jong. Upon arrival in England in 1976, Sifu Ng with the permission of Master Jew Yew Jong, opened his own school to further the teaching of Choy Lee Fut. In 1996, master Ng was appointed to the position of European representative of the Hong Kong Choy Lee Fut Association.



In 1996,seventh generation Sifu Brown was granted permission by his teacher Sifu Edmund Ng to open his own school. As well as teaching at his own school in Durham sifu Brown still play's a major role in both performance of the lion at the Chinese New Year and in the training of his fellow students at his Sifu's school in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The Durham Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Club
Classes held on 
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7.00pm - 8.30pm

at St. Oswalds Church & Institute
Church Street
3O Membership & 4 Lesson

For further information call: 07752328472

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